• The Power Of Women

    The Power Of Women

    I had the privilege to attend the Pinky Promise conference last weekend. It was amazing! Indescribable really. But what stuck out to me about this conference is something I had never experienced before until I attended my first one the previous year.  I’ve been to a few women’s conferences before. As is human nature we can tend to stick to our norms and the...


    JOY is a very powerful three letter word but sometimes many of us struggle to find and keep it. We allow our circumstances, situations, and the outside world to depict to us what joy should look like. When we look at our lives, it may seem that we are not measuring up. Sometimes we are so consumed with everything that is going wrong, we...
  • Speak and Think Life

    Speak and Think Life

    Let’s be honest. Fear is real. That’s right, false evidence appearing real is very real. But it’s actually only as real as we let it be. What if we learned to stop it right where it was like cutting off weeds before they overthrow a garden? When we cut off fear, our mind is clear to grow, expand, be more creative and truly apply...
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