5 Women I Don’t Know, But Taught Me The Most


People make a difference in our lives. Regardless of the trials we may go through, people have the ability to inspire us. That inspiration can be encouraging or no good at all. All the top people say watch your atmosphere because it feeds who you become. I have been fortunate to have great people in my life. But at times, I need an extra model or someone that’s doing something I desire and I need to look outside of what is in my immediate circle. With social media, this can be delightful or daunting, it all depends on your perspective as you look at it. Like all of us, I have looked in admiration to those with a more public platform to learn from at times. Here are my top 5 ladies that have given me great vibes to learn from:

  1. Michelle Obama - Forever First Lady of my heart! There is so much to love about her and learn. She’s beautiful, she’s classy, and she handles herself with care. I love most of all how she has partnered in purpose with her husband, Barack Obama. She has played her role as a wife to support him while at the same time making sure she is doing things that she desires and feels purposed in her heart to do. As women, it’s important that we learn to not lose ourselves in a man and his dreams. We must know how to support him and still balance who we are as well.
  2. Ciara - Some say that all men cheat and are no good. CiCi proved that you don’t have to accept that lie! You deserve more. In fact, you deserve the best. When you know that you won’t accept anything less, it’s easier to move on, no matter how painful or even embarrassing it might be. Be confident and know what you want, at the right time it will walk right into your life. 
  3. Sybrina Fulton - more memorable for most, as “the mother of Trayvon Martin”. Ms. Fulton has shown resilience since the death of her son. She has a posture of strength that is quiet yet speaks volumes. She has shown us what it means to not sulk in unfortunate circumstances but to make what changes you can for the next generation. “At first I didn’t want to be the voice for Trayvon after he died, but I decided I have no choice,” Ms. Fulton said in an Instagram video announcing her campaign. “Now I am called to act and called to serve,” she said. Her strength is a great reminder to us all!
  4. Heather Lindsey - this woman is an example of an unashamed woman of God. She is transparent and keeps it real, but at the same time makes no excuse for not moving as a living example of Christ for others. She has encouraged me and countless others to be real in our relationship with Heavenly Father and keep Him at the forefront of how we live, despite how the world around us may choose to do.
  5. Massey Arias - This woman is body goals for real! But one thing that she consistently stresses, is make your eating and exercise habits a lifestyle, not a fad that you drop next week. Make no excuses for your health because you only have one body. She will teach you new exercise moves that you have no excuse to not do, because she shows you how to work out at the gym, in your house, outside, at the park, at the airport, wherever you can move, Massey says MOVE! And learn to incorporate better eating each day. You won’t get it all overnight every single day, but the more you do little by little, the more you won’t turn back. 

BONUS: (because I just had to do one more!)

  1. Ava DuVernay - An artistic, and  thought provoking director. She is able to cast a real vision and bring it to light. She has been a major part of bringing real representation for black people to film on the bigger screens. Her messages are always powerful. Being a woman in a man’s industry, she also shows us what it means to be you and be your best no matter what anyone has to say. 

Role models make a difference for us. They help us to see things we wouldn’t otherwise see. So grateful for the powerful women in my life, and that I get to watch from afar, at least for now. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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