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I HATE flying. Like, it gives me anxiety. It causes tension in my neck. I’ve flown several times, including overseas to the UK, and it seems to attack me every time. Once I’m in the air I tend to be fine unless there’s bad turbulence. However, that initial takeoff...I pray as I’ve never prayed before. I command that the pilot is alert and focused. I rebuke the thought that goes to recent crashes. For the longest time, it was even hard for me to sleep on the plane, no matter how tired I was.

So, when I took a recent trip from Miami to Seattle I really had to calm myself. I prayed, as usual, but I really focused on being at peace within. I turned my thoughts to when I land, and when I see my mom and hug her for our vacation. I thought about the sights I would see, where we would eat, visiting my friend from the 4th grade that I haven’t seen in years.

And it was a good flight. Not perfect. But better than before. My anxieties of losing control high up in the air subsided. I had three different flight I took in my roundtrip experience. I’m proud to say each one got easier. Because I used a technique I heard about from Mel Robbins called “anchor thoughts”.

Anchor thoughts “keep you from wandering into unapproved behavior”, according to an article on When you have a situation that makes you anxious or angry you have to shift to something that gives you peace, harmony, and happiness.

For example, you don’t like your boss, but you put your focus on the fact that you have an opportunity to work, you like your co-workers, you get paid consistently.

Or maybe your kid is acting up, but you put your focus on you love them, you used to act like that but you grew out of it, you are thankful they are alive, they are an answer to your prayer to bear children.

Often, what we worry about in our mind, those worse case scenarios, never even happen. You spent all that energy for what? So decide now, to run your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts run you.

Hey bosses, do you use anchor thoughts? Does it sound like something you could use to help you? In what situations do you plan to implement this tool?

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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