Be Strong!


Hey sis,

Did you watch the Kobe Bryant Memorial service? It was moving if you didn’t.

Everyone did great. Everyone spoke in a way that I really felt as if I had known, been friends and loved Kobe and sweet Gianna. But what spoke volumes to me more than anything?


Vanessa Bryant’s strength!


Women we are so strong. And the hardest part about being so strong is that we often have to be at our strongest when we feel at our weakest. When we want to shrink up and not deal, is when everyone is looking to us the most. 


I honor her. She has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks. I’ve been praying for her and her beautiful children. I’ve been praying for all the families, no lie. There’s no disrespect to the other families, but because Vanessa has more of a presence as a public figure it’s just natural for us to gravitate to her more. She spoke well. She took her time. She wasn’t drowning in her emotions, as much as she may have felt she wanted.


And it made me think of every woman that has lost a child. Every woman that has lost a husband. These things are hard. After the shock has worn off and everyone goes back to their busy lives, these are people who lives will never be the same. Holidays are different. Asking for a table at the restaurant is different. Answering basic questions about your family to others is all different now. 


So I salute to every woman that has had to boss up in the midst of great loss. At women who boss we love you, care for and pray for your peace. It doesn’t matter whether that loved one was to some simply ordinary or extremely legendary, loss is hard. Although your lives may have changed, our hope is that your heart does not. Keep your head up mamas, new chapters were made for conquering!


Keep your crown up,


Felicia Morgan


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