Big Goals vs Realistic Goals


Goals, goals, goals. One of the more common hashtags that we see and post on our social media. As we speak and dream our lives into existence while trusting God that our hard work will soon pay off we only hope for the best.

In the society that we live in today, it is easy to get caught up to live a life that is not realistic. Some of our favorite influencers on social media proclaim that you can also live a glamorous life too if you work hard enough and dream big. If you’re a Pisces like myself who loves to dream or just a person with big goals, there comes a time when we must decipher what is a realistic goal and what is not. What is realistic and what is not varies from person to person, not one person’s situation is going to be exactly the same.

If you ask me, there is absolutely no such thing as a goal that is too big! If the mind can conceive it then it can be achieved! What I do believe makes some of our goals unrealistic is the time frame that we give ourselves to complete it. Let’s talk about it! We can start with one of the most common goals which are financial goals. In American society student loan debt is currently the largest debt among the nation and the most profitable as well. Credit card debt, in my opinion, would be the second most common debts.

With that being said, a common goal would be to decrease debt. If you have a debt of $20,000 that you would like to pay off and set a goal to have it paid off in 6 months and you don’t quite make that amount in an entire year, then you might be setting yourself up.

When you have a goal to accomplish it’s important that you take it seriously. Creating a goal with a game plan is always best.

When you take the time to sit down and carefully execute a plan make sure you do your research. You can possibly find another source of income that you can utilize to pay down the debt, or it can be as simple as writing down all your expenses and seeing what you can eliminate to have more disposable income. Once you have mastered your gameplan, you should then write it down somewhere that you can look at daily.

Another factor that I consider to make a goal unrealistic is

if that goal is not going to change your life and if it is insignificant, then it's not realistic to you. When setting goals it’s crucial that there be a motive behind it. Goals are one of the things that should make us want to jump out of bed in the morning! Once a goal is accomplished there should be some amount of satisfaction and benefit that we get from it. If it’s a financial goal, once we have cleared that debt it should lead to more financial freedom. If it’s a health goal it should make us feel good on the inside and outside. Never let your goals defeat you! Make them true to you and realistic and never be afraid to give it your all!


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