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To all my boss ladies, I just want to remind you how special you are. Today is a day to celebrate! What do I mean?

Recollect how you perceived your birthday as an adolescent: the celebration of your special day. As we grow older, it’s essential that we keep that same perception of ourselves. You are special after all on more days than your birthday.


To be celebrated in caring and loving relationships is imperative to our health. It’s awesome to be the substance of a celebration, and it’s equitably critical to make sure to plan celebrations for yourself. Celebrations can be as often as you like, big or small. Celebrating the lesser things in life, that matter to you, add to one’s self-esteem. Making yourself feel extraordinary and appreciated, helps create long-lasting comfort in your life. In fact, when you walk with God, being able to celebrate amid the downward spirals in your life, is a rare quality found in individuals yet one to be admired.


We must celebrate ourselves during the good and bad times in our lives because all things work together for our good. But no matter what,  God will stand with us always, reminding us just how special we are. 

What can you do to add more celebration lifestyle to your everyday life?

Have a great day. 

Tenisha Matthews

1 comment

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