Clutter Free


I like things to be clean. But honestly, I get to a point at times where I’m so busy moving  I don’t have time to put things in their proper place. At least, I feel I don’t because I’m so rushed. 

Soon, what was nice, neat and organized becomes a chaotic pile of clothes, shoes, mail and other random items. 

And then it’s almost as if my mind feels cluttered by the chaos around me. I go into overdrive mode and clean it all. Everything needs to go in a specific place or else it goes in the trash. 

Then my mind feels clear again. I encourage you, if you feel stressed, time consumed, or a sense of no peace, start cleaning! When you clear your space of things around you on the outside, it gives you clarity that will improve on the inside. 

  1. Clean your closet: move your clothes out the way, align your shoes, hang things up, buy a storage bin for out of season clothes. Whatever you do, make it look clear. 
  2. Organization: you need to organize in general. Systems help top businesses run smoothly and your life is no different. Create a filing system, a place for everything to go that your kids understand. Create a way of life for your personal environment. 
  3. Candles and Incense: Now once you clear everything out the way, make sure you have something aromatic that gives you a sense of calm along with the new look of your space. Smell affects our environment just as much as the clutter. 

It’s okay if the kids leave toys all around and you don’t always clean it up. No one is asking you to be perfect. But when you get the heavy sense entering your home, you know it’s gone too far. Release the day by clearing everything up. Then you’ll have that sense of calm you didn’t even know you were searching for. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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