Consistency is Key


Social media can be your best friend or worst enemy. It can be the person that reminds you of your potential or it can remind you of your personal flaws.

I am learning to hop onto social media and right back off. I have a tendency to get lost on the explore page so I’m teaching myself to not even go there. I have to open my Instagram on a mission now. One thing I’ve learned mostly from the Women Who Boss founder herself, Miss Nathalie Nicole, is to have consistency. People believe you when they see you are not giving up on what you're talking about. You have to be passionate and faithful to your passion.

If you are marketing yourself and building your brand on social media. Here are a few pointers in keeping yourself consistent:

  1.  They say post 3-4x a day. I am not quite there, but I do pace myself to be consistent daily. With at least 1 post a day I’m building myself up to be able to go from there. Do what you’re comfortable with and then get to where the pros are. But whatever you do, be consistent with it on the daily.
  2. Content: does your content make sense with who you are and what you represent? Is it something that people desire? There should be an effortless flow between all your posts. You should present yourself as an expert at something that people will trust you in. And when you do that, don’t throw them off by posting something random that has nothing to do with what you represent. 
  3. Endurance: no matter how many likes or video views you have, if you’re passionate about it, post it! And keep posting. People will catch on eventually if it is worth it. Post for purpose and post from your heart. Your audience will feel your heart and follow from there. 

Staying consistent is key. So keep at it. Find your pace and increase from there. Make it worth it and soon people will believe in it the way you do. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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