Coping With Moments Lost


The world we have come to know is extremely different right now. Besides just regular, everyday social activities, it is becoming more and more real just how much Rona has affected our special moments in life.


Just to name a few: High school seniors won’t have their prom. Weddings that have been planned for years have to be postponed. Birthdays are spent alone. Funerals have to experience closure virtually. These big moments and more that some have been looking forward to are just unthinkably out of the question. Just because you are upset about these special moments doesn’t mean you disregard the seriousness of what’s happening in the world.


If that’s you, know that it is okay to grieve those moments.


It’s okay to desperately want to see a loved one. Nothing is wrong with you for feeling a sense of loss by missing out on special times. Moments that would live on over generations that you look forward to telling, are not happening the way as planned. And it’s okay to be upset. Yes, there may be bigger problems in the world. But for some, that inconvenience has created a problem in their heart. And it’s okay.


We are in this together. We are grieving together. Just don’t stay there for too long. Cheer yourself up by calling loved ones, being connected to those that are uplifting and get whatever bit of fresh air you can within reason.


Make no doubt about it, a major boss is going to rise up out of the ashes of this quarantine. When adversity like this happens, as humans we always find a way to win. So, don’t worry, you will make it through this. We are rooting for you!




Felicia Morgan





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