Letting Go of the CoverGirl



When you really realize how much God loves you, you wake up like this --FLAWLESS! Again and again. Regardless of what failures may have occurred the day before.

I thank Beyoncé for her boldness to sing such lyrics. But you have to know the truth to these words as a woman whose boss! You are free. You are free from guilt. You are free from your past. Nothing you have done defines who you are: good or bad!


That means, if you haven't, it's time to let it go. let it go! I will say it again if you are like me..."LET IT GO!' It took me a long time to really get this concept in my heart. It was one thing I understood and could tell you the right answer. But for me to let things go quickly and not dwell on them, for a time seemed like a battle. I had to really fight myself to drop things so that I wouldn’t beat myself up internally. It's not healthy at all to keep your mind on what you've already done, it won't change a thing. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. It's unrealistic and yet we make it our mark.

While I was weighing myself down, I would put on a mask to keep things going. Broken inside but having it all together for the public. While I agree that no one needs to see your pity party, you are doing yourself no good in weighing yourself down based on one or even multiple events gone wrong. In society, as women, we are held to extremely high standards. We have to put on makeup, have great skin, have a great shape, be independent, be strong, take care of everyone, and have a smile while doing it. But that standard is completely unreal to do all the time. Eventually someone will be unhappy with something you do. People get surgery and buy useless materials to meet society's standards. But underneath all of that, God sees your core. His precious child. The quicker we see ourselves as He sees us the more we can let go of  the work it takes at attempting to be something.

You are forgiven. His love for you is unconditional and pure. So wake up. Let God comfort you. Stop doing things for what the outside world thinks. Let’s move on in peace. God will tie together any loose ends. But you have to move forward in faith, not in a masking coverup.

Remember boss lady, if no one else does, God accepts you just the way you are. And He continues to prepare new dimensions for you as you continue to grow too. Be your best for God, then let the world have it!

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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