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To be in prayer is to be in constant communication with the Father. Prayer should always be a priority for every believer. Partnering with God as it relates to personal goals is key to finding his good and perfect will for your life. The bible says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. Quiet as kept, certain levels of success are hard to reach without prayer. People often wonder how they should pray. If that’s you, have no worries. I’m going to share a few keys on how to create a life of prayer.

  1. Make Room

Life can get extremely busy fairly quickly. We all have responsibilities and obligations that take up our time and energy.  Ironically, God already knows what each person needs. He is just waiting for you to activate your faith and ask. Prayer is not just about hoping and wishing for things. It is about connecting with your Heavenly Father. Jesus prioritized His time in order to make room to talk to the Father. If you are pressed for time there are things that you can do in order to make some time to pray.  You can wake up a little earlier, or take a short break during the day in order to meditate on his word.

  1. Be Honest

We live in a society that promotes false narratives. People walk around and ask “how are you doing” without really wanting to know the answer. People who have the ability to manage themselves and keep it all together are rewarded. While those who struggle are often times ridiculed and written off. There is one place that you can go where you don’t have to have it all together. In the presence of God you can be real. You don’t have to pretend like everything is okay. In fact, God already knows what you are going through. He is waiting for you to recognize that you’ve fallen apart so that he can put you back together. There is a reference in the bible about God being the potter. He takes our broken pieces and molds them into a masterpiece. When you take time to go and petition the throne of grace remember, that you serve a God that has the ability to apply water to every dry area in your life. He has a way of making miracles out of dry places. In order to establish a strong prayer life you must get used to going into his presence with transparency. The more honest that you are with him about your situation, the closer your relationship will become. Prayer is a combination of worship and supplication. Think of it as an opportunity to share your heart with your creator.

  1. Be Consistent

Your prayer was meant to be released as an incense unto the Lord. When we pray we are releasing our praise and petitions unto the Lord. It is a clarifier. If you ever need direction, clarity, or strategy for a situation, you should pray. To stop praying is to cut off your divine connection. It may take some practice in order for you to get into the habit of praying consistently. Do not feel bad or beat yourself up for falling off. If you drop the ball just start fresh right where you are. A consistent prayer life will help you alleviate stress.

  1. Listen Up

Many times people pray without stopping to hear what God has to say. The word of God is a living document. God has  a way of revealing things to you that speak to your situation. It is funny because the Bible is full of encounters where people hear from God. Yet, somehow, people think it is strange that people still hear from God today. He still speaks. There is a still small voice within that can lead and guide you into who God has called you to be. As you pray make sure you set aside some quiet time so that you can hear what God is doing for you in this season. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. You will  know that it is God because everything He says lines up with his word.

  1. Stay in your word

Reading your word will give you an advantage in your prayer life. It will help you hear and give you divine wisdom. It is important to read your word because doing so will equip you so that you can fight the good fight. Life can be brutal at times. You are going to need some ammunition in order to have victory over the enemy. Remember that there are some things that you have to birth out in prayer. Pray about what is on your heart. “Cast your cares upon the Lord because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). When you have a strong prayer life it gives you insight and wisdom. It can also relieve anxiety because you are surrendering your will for God’s will. When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray he gave them the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6: 9-13. This is a great starting point for anyone that is new to prayer.

Making the decision to establish a strong prayer life is very important. Doing so will give you the strength that you need to make it through difficult times. If you make room for God and reverence his name, he will meet you right where you are. He is waiting for you to reach out to him so that he can bring comfort, peace, and joy. Don’t delay any longer. Your new prayer life starts today!

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