Do Not Get Discouraged

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This weekend was quite exciting. We saw a barrage of relationship goals, wedding photos, Valentine’s Day gifts, people traveling, All Star game floor seat views and more. The drip will continue.


Maybe you were single, at home and alone. Maybe your man forgot about Valentine’s Day and you were trapped inside due to the cold. Maybe you were working all weekend yet again, attempting to make ends meet and you saw influencer with those courtside seats.


Now you wonder why you feel a bit down. What are you feeding yourself? Your expectations for life aren’t what you are experiencing and now you see other people living your best life. It’s no longer motivating. In fact, it’s downright discouraging. If you felt down after viewing your timeline this weekend, or any weekend, listen up: it is time to disengage.


  1. Turn off social media. Delete the app for a bit if you have to.
  2. Write a list of what you are thankful for in your life.
  3. Those things you desire to change? Name an action you can take to tackle one of them and focus on that one thing until it gets done.
  4. Congratulate yourself and celebrate your personal wins!


When you can handle it, hop back on social media. But the comparison game has to stop. Remember boss, you are somebody! I believe in you.


Keep your crown up,


Felicia Morgan


1 comment

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