Human strength and the weapons of man are false hopes for victory; they may seem mighty but they will always disappoint.

Psalms 33:17 TPT

Human tendencies and things of this world have the 100% ability to let us down and the potential to stir us in the wrong direction.The one thing that is never changing and everlasting in our life is our Heavenly Father and the love that He has for us. The journey that everyone is on in life is going to be different.There will be times when you will see someone experiencing the fruits of their labor while you’re still laboring. You’ll see others getting some of the desired things that you want in life while you’re still attempting to figure everything out. What we must understand is that there is a time and a place for everything to happen. Comparison can be the thief of our joy because what we see doesn’t always reveal the true story behind one’s success. You never know what one person may have had to endure to get to where they are in life now.


The ultimate question is what can we do while we are waiting for our breakthrough moment and not get weary? We must always remember to praise God first and foremost. Praise will defeat the negative thoughts and motives that may be stopping us from being everything that we are called to be. Write down your visions, goals, dreams and everything you want in life, make it plain and clear what you want so God can bless it. Everyday that you wake up make it worthwhile! Ask God for revelation, and then give yourself time and space to meditate on God’s Word, His promises and the calling that He has on your life. Sometimes we get so caught up in everything that we don’t have, everything that we are not experiencing, that we don’t leave any room for anything positive to penetrate our thoughts. The saying “ You must grow through what you go through,” is a powerful statement. The same things that may appear as if they are not working in your favor are some of the same things that are essential for your growth and what is needed to take you to where you are headed next in life. In your time of challenges keep a journal, write down everything that you are going through so that when you have the opportunity you can share your journey with someone who may need it. Life isn’t just about ourselves. When it seems as if you’re the only person in the world going through what your going through the reality is that you’re not.

Writing down your thoughts and overcoming negative emotions with God’s promises will uplift your spirit and shed new light on what it is that you need to do next. No one is perfect and even the people that appear to be the most put together in life face challenges. When you find your purpose you will discover the power that you have. A made up mind and a will to win daily can be the ultimate remedy for everyday success.

By: Tiarra Brooks


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