Encouraging Your Partner To Take Health Serious


There was a point in time where my partner was into fitness more than I was and now it seems the roles have reversed. Most weekdays I can’t wait to get into the gym and get to work. I love every minute of it! I’m to the point where sometimes I look at what others are doing, and I either modify it or use exactly their form to help me stay in the best shape possible. Fitness has truly changed my life for the better and on days where I may feel mentally or physically exhausted from the goings and comings of that day, I know working out brings some form of clarity or peace to me. I just wish that I could get my honey to be my workout buddy. My fiancé is an owner-operator with his own trucking business and does mostly over the road driving and because of that, he is sitting down 95% of the time.

About a year ago I noticed that he was sleeping more than he should be throughout the days that he would be home. So I just asked him some simple questions about what he was eating while he was out there driving from state to state and all he could name were fast food places. Popeye’s was in the number one spot, along with sucking down cans of Mountain Dew and energy drinks. I asked him questions like why can’t he stop at a place where he can sit down and have a decent meal or why doesn’t he keep better foods in his truck and why is he not drinking water. His answers to those questions were, “I don’t have time to stop and eat,” “I hate water. It doesn’t have a taste,” and “I need a refrigerator in my truck.” For me these things were fixable. So I told him that if he would go and buy a refrigerator for his truck that I would prepare his lunch & dinner meals for him and that would alleviate him having to try and find a place to sit down and eat. I would then go with him to purchase groceries such as fruits, veggies, water, and things that he actually liked  (He’s an extremely picky eater) that he could snack on in between breakfast and lunch; then lunch and dinner. He would also call me or send me a picture of what he was eating if he didn’t want to eat a prepared meal.

A little over two weeks had passed and I could tell his moods were better; His sleep patterns became more consistent and regulatory. He had more energy to spend with us doing activities, and we also saw a change in his weight. He realized all of my nagging about watching what you eat and drink was not in vain. I told him, “Take it from someone who had to do a complete 360 on her health and do things that I didn’t want to do and eat things I’ve never considered eating, it’s worth it.” Now that we’ve overcome that obstacle, getting him to come with me to the gym is an experience all on its own. Changing your eating habits is only one of the steps of taking your health seriously. I think because I talk about the gym so much and how I really like going and how it makes me feel physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s starting to rub off on him. Plus, our wedding is coming up next year and I know he doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable in his tuxedo, so with each day that passes by I drop hints to him that he needs to hit up the gym with me.

If you have a partner that is really not taking their health seriously, you never want to keep feeding the beast. You have to be able to express to them that you want to see them do better and feel better about their life. You have to make it known to them that you want to see them fulfill all of their greatest dreams and desires and apart of that is being healthy. You can never really accomplish much in your days if you are sluggish and tired all of the time. Find ways to get your partner to do active things with you that are not necessarily “gym” things. Going for a walk to your local market, (if it’s close) instead of driving, rollerblading in your neighborhood, bike riding, swimming; rock climbing. There are endless activities you can do with your partner that will get their blood flowing and get them out of that sedentary mindset. Sometimes you have to be action-oriented for your partner to see that you mean business.

By: Etosha Bahaiddin
Facebook: Etosha Bahaiddin
Instagram: @appleoftheeyes2
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