Facing Me: What I Learned In A Journal Challenge


For the first 21 days of January, I decided to do a journal challenge. The purpose of the journal challenge is for you to spend quality, daily time with God for 21 days and journal as you do. You have to be intentional and committed to setting aside real personal time with your Heavenly Father. Having accountability to complete it in the first 21 days prepares you to make it a habit for the entire year. 

It was nice but I noticed something about myself.

When I start something I’m committed. I’m excited. I’m consistent and I’m determined. But there’s one problem.

I let up in the 4th quarter.

I’m so on top of it the first two weeks and by the 3rd it seems like I’m busier, more tired and there’s more, just more on my plate than I can manage. I make time for prayer and journaling but then I fall asleep praying but I did it so that counts right. Right?

It’s not like I lose or win something either way. But, perhaps this is why I’m not as successful as I’d like to be in certain areas. I let up. That same motivation and determination dies down. And it’s not like I completely quit. I see it through. I’m there. But, it’s more autopilot. There’s nothing fully gained. If you’re like me, let’s take some time so we can break this habit in 2020. Here’s a few things we need to constantly remind ourselves to do:

  1. Be disciplined - society listens to their feelings, but not bosses. Do what you gotta do. Get the results.
  2. Intentionally be present. It’s not enough to do it. It’s not enough to just say you were there. Make sure you’re engaged, for yourself and for others.
  3. Check your energy - maybe you need a break or refresher. Whatever it is, make sure you keep the same energy. You deserve that from you too.

It won’t be easy, but with some push through and continued self awareness,This WILL be a great year!


Keep your crown up,


Felicia Morgan


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