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The first person I ever learned fashion from was my mother. When I was a little girl I would watch her put pieces together and then style them with the most exquisite accessories. Then she would style us from head to toe, everything in its place. She would receive these catalogs from various luxury and non-luxury fashion houses. I would scroll through the pages, marking all of the outfits I loved and thought one day “I’m going to buy that exact outfit from that exact designer.” Those moments in my life made me fall in love with fashion and everything about it. My mom constantly told me that you should “Always leave the house dressed to impress, you never know who you are going to run in to.” As I got older, my sense of style never changed, it only evolved. I really fell in love with the styles from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’90s. I love those decades of fashion and so I’ve learned to incorporate that elegance and funk, along with my own edginess into how I dress. 

I’ve never been a “trendy” gal, but I do know and realize that celebrities tend to have a large amount of influence on what the latest fashions and trends will be and for the most part, the masses will follow. I know I love when my favorite celebrities are giving me fashion LOOKS, and ever so often, I may go out and look for something that my favorite celebrity wore to find it for a more affordable price. Fashion is always changing and evolving. Even to the point where designers are recreating looks from decades past, and I’m okay with it, sometimes. So here are five of my favorite celebrities you should keep your eyes on this Spring:

Zendaya. What is there not to love about her? This beauty from Oakland, California is definitely fashion forward. Since 2013, with her own fashion line, Zendaya has been a force and year after year she proves that she is going to become a veteran in the fashion game. Her fashion is very youthful, fun and edgy. She loves playing with different era looks, shapes, and colors which I love. With the launch of her new Tommy Hilfiger campaign collaboration, you can expect to see a ray of prints and 70’s inspired pieces. Zendaya is solidifying that she is more than just an overall an actress and singer, she is a fashion ICON! Follow her social media @zendaya

Cassie. Since she stepped out onto the scene back in 2005, she has always had a style that was very classy and feminine. Gradually, she took her fashion from her light-hearted pop music vibes to a much more demure and sexy look, which she wears extremely well. Cassie can give you Breakfast at Tiffany’s one minute, to full-blown Valentino from the runway in the next and morph right back into this earthy, sexy, beach girl. Cassie makes any girl want to bring out that inner sexy and make heads turn everywhere they go. She is very versatile and the edge she brings to her looks definitely make her one to always watch during any season. You can find her on Instagram @cassie.             

Lil Mama. We all know Lil Mama, but the world is getting a taste of Niatia. This Harlem born beauty has been serving us fierceness all through her social media platforms. She is not one to shy away from being edgy in all that she has achieved in her career. She has been evolving and it shines through her looks on Instagram. Niatia’s looks are definitely a reflection of a more mature woman in grace and poise. Mixing urban street style with high fashion pieces shows that this Harlem boss is making her mark not only in music and movies but in fashion. Niatia has more than just her lip gloss popping, her style is popping too! Go check her out @lilmama
Yara Shahidi. We’ve seen this beauty grow up right in front of our eyes. She is a star of the hit ABC show Blackish along with the spinoff Grownish that plays on Freeform. What I love about Yara’s fashion style is that it’s very whimsical but at the same time down to earth and laid back just like her. At just 19, Yara was named one of 2018’s best dressed. Yara shines in all that she does from her activism to her acting. She makes a statement and everyone is taking notice, which includes her style. You can find her at @yarashahidi.

TK Wonder. I discovered this beauty about two years ago on Instagram. Her and her beautiful twin sister Cipriana are double the fun when it comes to fashion. If you love strong statement looks, then TK is your girl. TK’s bold and edgy print looks and color blocking style are what drew me to her. She is without a doubt my favorite right now when it comes to fashion. With her big beautiful hair that accents her playful and unique style, TK is definitely a fashionista that keeps rising to the top. Get your fashion life and check out @tk_wonder.

With the growth of so many online fashion boutiques and personal stylists, there is an endless amount of knowledge and examples of fashion out there if you haven’t particularly found your own. You can shop and play around with different pieces to see what fits your personality until you come into your own evolution of fashion and trendsetting. Fashion knows no bounds or limits. Let your creativity come out when playing around with clothes. Be fearless and fun in the pursuit of your fashion Bosses!

Etosha Bahaiddin
Instagram: @appleoftheeyes2
Facebook: Etosha Bahaiddin

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