Feed Yourself


You are what you eat. 


Everything you consume comes back to either haunt or bless you on the scale, in your hair and even your pores and overall health. A simple statement that means so much. And yet, no one seems to remind us just as equally, you are what you think! So what is it that you are thinking about? Most importantly, what you are you thinking about you?


Too many times we don’t prioritize our time to evaluate the little things. The hustle and bustle of life has us moving quickly and onto the next thing. We all know too well that what we eat affects the way look and even feel. But, how much do we acknowledge what’s going on in our mind?


What you think on could affect how feel on the inside, in turn, giving off that same energy to the outside. There’s so much that our minds impact. How we feel about ourselves, loved ones, our jobs, our purpose, the world, emotionally, spiritually. And all that will depend on how it lays on us physically.


Especially, with our quick access to everything we have to be careful of what we feed our minds. I remember a few months back I was consumed with a down outlook on the world. I attempted to be hopeful. But, I would get angry at politics, at the world, I was consumed with stories of heartbreak that I too broke for. My compassion was getting the best of me. I realized I was spending too much time on every story that popped up on facebook and my news notifications on my phone. I had to limit my social media and remove all news outlets off phone altogether. I started filling myself with more positive and hopeful sermons, testimonies and worship. 


So, if you are looking for a change, what are you feeding your mind? Start here. Ask yourself is this productive? Would the person I’m striving to be waste their time on this? Develop yourself. Change your mind and watch the rest follow.


Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan





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