Focus On You, Not On The Man


Recently, I got so upset at the gimmicks and schemes coming across my social media feeds: join this boot camp to be prepared for your future husband, buy this prayer journal to pray for the husband you're looking for, buy this book to become the wife your future husband is looking for. Blah, blah, blah!

Ladies, all my single ladies, don’t let anyone prey on your singleness. I know you deserve marriage, and I believe the desires of your heart will be met, but don’t let it get the best of you. Keep your head.

  1. Stop idolizing: God is not going to bless you with something He knows you will put before Him. Are you more concerned about where your husband is than spending time with God? Note to keep in mind: marriage won’t fix you, your situation or your loneliness. Surrender it and let it go
  2. Be purpose-driven: Your mission in life is not to just be a wife. Let’s say you get married and it’s stripped from you. Who are you now? Hopefully, you know that you’re a child of God. That’s where you put your energy. If you don’t have an answer, know that you are deeply loved by your Heavenly Father and you there is a specific purpose that you will be accountable to, and not just how you were as a wife. 
  3. Develop yourself: Grow, learn, travel, expand your vision while you have time to do it on your own terms. This is the time to do the bulk of the work so you aren’t playing catch up on what you should have learned in your single season. Your husband should be able to benefit from what you learned in your singleness.

When you walk where God needs you to be, God will place that man where he can see you. I pray that you shift your focus on being where God needs you to be so you will be in the right position. 

Bosses, what are some other things you do to enjoy and make the most of your singleness? What are you sick of hearing when it comes to the single-season?

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan 


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