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Hey bosslady! Many of us still face some financial uncertainty due to the quarantine. Some of us have even made the biggest sacrifice over the past few months because our jobs are considered essential.


If you happen to be at home, and you happen to have lost your job, or maybe you aren’t sure, I want to remind you of how creative you are.


God created us to be creative. Human beings have always come out of a time of adversity full of ideas. I am a planner, meaning I like things to be concrete. I understand the desire to have a job that guarantees a salary and you just do what you do. However, life does not always work like that as we can see. It is unexpected. It’s time we work in expectation for the unexpected.


If you are at home, it may not feel like you have time because your kids are everywhere you are. But dig deep and really ask yourself, what do you do that solves problems for others? I suggest praying about it to get the real direction you need.


Maybe you like to write, cook, you’re good with kids, create fun lesson plans, organization, encouraging people or even great at planning. Whatever that moment of greatness is inside you, tap into it. Explore it, and work on it while you can. You never know, it just may turn into the next big thing. You will never know unless you go for it.


Be a boss and don’t let the quarantine boss you. Be great today!




Felicia Morgan

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  • Posted on by Tracey Davis

    Thank you so much for this! Creative and encouraging! Have a blessed day!

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