Get Moving On That Idea


I’m a thinker. I like to plan things out. Figure out the obstacles, get everything in the right place. Even for simple things like my writing and ideas I have. I like to get it together neatly. Then I think it through. 

Where are all my processors at? Don’t be shy, raise your hand!

I appreciate you. And if you feel drained reading the above, sorry, and yes I appreciate you too! There can be good in thinking things through because you don’t jump into things you are unprepared for. Most importantly, you don’t lose time and money by having to go back and fix what you missed. 

However, when you think too much it puts a halt on your ideas. Often what we are overthinking never gets done. We are so overwhelmed in thinking about the details that we don’t do anything. So I’ve learned a few tips to just go for it. If you are a person that flys at the hip, perhaps this will help you with the processors that you love in your life. 

  1. START. Talk to God about it, but don’t wait forever. It doesn’t take all year to pray about it either. Faith without works is dead. Put it in motion and watch it go from there. God will guide you through it, especially when the idea came from Him. Don’t wait to execute until you get 10 of your friend's opinions. Do it! Then ask them for advice and adjust as necessary. But get the ball rolling first and the real friends you have will tell you the truth or even lend their own resources, but not if you don’t put anything into yourself. 
  2. FOCUS. Stop focusing on your fear and doubt. Start focusing on what you can do. I started a youtube that I thought I would NEVER do. But it was hardcourt pressing me after God used someone to speak it into me. I was so worried about what it looked like, what I sounded like, was a saying what I meant. I had to let all of that go and just be ok with being me. I was not going to get better at recording and sounding good on camera if I didn’t at least start from somewhere. 
  3. BE FLAWED. Yes, flaws will happen. will live. Don’t worry about perfection. Adjust and get better as you go. Again, for my youtube, I just had to do it. No fancy camera, no backdrop, or lights. And I had my phone vertical the first two times (which is the wrong way to record for youtube if you don’t know). But, I’m doing it! And I’m proud of that. Because I started, now I can invest my money in the right places to make it better as I continue to move forward. 

What are you thinking about that you should be doing instead? Well, put this down now and go do it. Actually, you can drop a comment on what your goal is first so we can root for you. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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