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Do you have a fitness tracking device? I took the all-around route and got the Apple Watch, which lets me take my calls and text messages as long as my phone is close. Recently, I had 2 babies, a son and a daughter. Apple Watch was a tool of convenience during the time my children were really small. I literally could not have my phone on me at all times, but I didn’t miss much with my watch on my wrist.

As my babies have grown to need me a little less, I’ve started to rely on my watch for different things. After I stopped nursing my daughter, I knew I needed to make a change. I felt terrible. I wasn’t happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror and lacked confidence. Who wants to portray a sad, unconfident image to their son and daughter? Not I!

To find my inner strength, I took a look back. I remember that, as a high school student, I was on the girls’ lacrosse team. I never had the courage to take on one of the attack positions, so I always defended, which limited my running in games. I still ran with the team in practices, but I hated it and thought it was unnecessary.

As an adult, I’ve been to the gym a few times, but it felt aimless to me. I seriously didn’t understand how people could spend so much time in such a sweaty, smelly place and manage to feel accomplished at the end of it.

I needed a middle ground. I didn’t start at the gym. I’ve watched enough Instagram to know that I didn’t need one. I started running (in place) in my kitchen one cold March day. It was weird and slow at first. It was weird because the scenery didn’t change, but neither does it when a person is on a treadmill, right? It was slow because it took me 14 minutes to run a mile.

Apple Watch gave me something else when I started running and created a pattern. It gave me data. I worked out and had data to analyze about how fast I’d run and my heart rate. I watched the Activity app’s calendar grow full of closed rings. I found satisfaction in watching the days of doing grow; the days of inactivity are few because I love achieving my goals.

My most recent Apple Watch accomplishment occurred as if just yesterday. December’s goal was to reach 21,800 calories. I stated the obvious logic about what I needed to do; as long as I could burn about 700 calories a day, I’d be in a good place. I started out the month strong, but I didn’t run every day and I definitely didn’t meet 700 calories a day, which made it so that I had to cram at the end.

On Friday the 28th, when I woke up, I needed 3,500 calories. I ran over 3 miles this day, 3 miles on Saturday, and 5 miles on Sunday.

On Monday the 31st, I woke up knowing I had to find a way to burn 1,200 more calories. I ran 5 miles before my kids got up, burning over 500 calories. I ate and rested. And executed the rest of my tasks by 10:30pm.

Maybe next time I won’t cut it so close, but that victory sure was sweet.

What do you do to stay on track with your fitness goals? How has your Smart Watch come in handy with creating healthier habits?


By: Jeannelle “Jean” Lundy


1 comment

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