Newly found love is amazing. You’re in the “honeymoon stage”, life can’t get be better... until an ex pops up!

Have you ever had that happen to you?

It’s feels nothing short of a chore— to continue being genuinely happy when the past keeps popping up.

For me, since August up to this month, it’s been a never ending cycle of the bitter ex and her friends. In the beginning I was hurt, of course,  asking myself “am I good enough for him if she keeps coming around?”
They had mutual friends, of course. But, I would’ve thought that they also would’ve liked me because he did. Right? WRONG! But, months passed, we’re still here together, with our own little puppy and including each other in our individual lives. Despite how others s feel, this is what matters.

I get it: it’s bogus, annoying and a BIG strain to your relationship. From experience, being put into situations where I wanted to rip my current boyfriend’s ex head off, gave me the opportunity to show the true grown woman in me and act accordingly.


In the same boat? Apply your day to day patience to negativity! Negative people and negative situations are not allowed to ruin a good thing that God ordained for you to have. There's no way girl, don’t allow it!

Sis, she already looks ridiculous trying to bring drama to her life, your life, your relationship and the social community. Why feed into it? Let your relationship bloom naturally, and gracefully show off how a woman handles her business. She’s an ex for a reason.

Worrying about her/his bitterness could cause you to miss blessings. It’s a new year babygirl, let it go, prosper, do what’s necessary for you and your significant other.

I could’ve lost opportunities like becoming a blogger at 20, failing my finals, losing school opportunities, and even worse, getting kicked out of school playing around with a petty girl. Trust, it’s never worth it. Maturity separates the girls and the women everyday!


And If it’s love... true love will prevail through it all. Even a case of the bitter ex.

You got this girl,

⁃ Jazsmin Sharell

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