Hey single ladies, I bet you wonder, “when will I meet the one?” Not saying there is anything wrong with that because naturally, as women, we all ask ourselves this.
From experience, you can meet someone and it feels like forever within three months than a relationship that lasted 3 years.

But, how do you know when you’re truly ready to mingle again? If you’re asking yourself “is it too fast?” or anything remotely close, then yes. It’s too soon! Have you came to terms and buried the hatchet from old baggage? Worrying about significant others and their placement in your life becomes tenacious when they aren’t equally as yoked. And that’s with anything that you are involved in or passion about. Stop ignoring the signs that God is trying to show you! He moves in mysterious ways for a reason.

Dating can become a strain on your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial journey! Yes, love is a beautiful discovery... when it’s right. Bask in yourself! Date YOURSELF.

Take the moments of being single as a “self detox” to remove the old flings, and recover!

Reflect even after situations and scenarios that weren’t in your control. Take this opportunity to get to know your interests and potential significant other as a friend. Platonic  friends..

Through trials and tribulations, life already gets hectic. But, through God and great communication dating should and always will be naturally made.

You got this girl,


⁃Jazsmin Sharell

By: Jazsmin Williams

Twitter: _Jasminesharell
Facebook: Jazsmin Sharell

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