I am Love Because I'm Loved


In this crazy world, with unspeakable things happening every day, I just want to remind you of something you may not be aware of. You are loved.

God loves you. Unconditionally. Don't judge that by current circumstances, past situations, or your mistakes. He loves you because He is good.

I really believe that the more we focus on this truth and accept it for ourselves, the better we will be. Because when you know you are loved, you yourself become love. And that doesn’t just mean telling someone all the good things with extra sugar on top. It means walking through the fire together and pointing out some ugly areas that can ultimately be turned around with guidance. 

It's very easy to say 'God loves me'. But to know that you know that you know in your heart is completely different. Insecurities, doubt, fear, lack of trust do not exist and are nonexistent when you are founded and established in this truth. I kept distance between me fully receiving all of God's love because I was still focused on what I had to do to earn it. I thought I had to be good all the time for Him to be pleased.

But I realized I was putting too much emphasis on me and not enough on my Heavenly Father.

This truth of who we are, children who are loved by God unconditionally, is a basis for a breakthrough in pretty much anything you may be dealing with. The root of all of your fears leads to some misperception of this love for you. But, just as it was true for myself, it may not happen overnight, but just keep meditating on this truth. When you mess up big time: 'God loves me'. When you revert back to a bad habit: 'God loves me'. When seeking healing: 'God loves me'. When you get frustrated and lose hope: 'God loves me'. When this world seems cold “God loves me”. Remember: God loves me. Yes, that means YOU! And when you rest in this love, you pick up better habits effortlessly, and you pass it on to the next one. What we need in this world is real, unconditional love. Let’s be the change we desire to see Bosses. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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