Is Fitness Carb Cycling For You?


Here we go again about fitness. What is the right way? Everyone is different. First off let's be clear that we should never compare ourselves to others. The more we don't see that we look like someone else, the more discouraged we become and give up. We tell ourselves that it's useless.

It truly doesn't have to be. If you have broken your wallet trying fat burning creams and wraps that just don't work, are messy, and super expensive, I've been there. Beauty and body products have taken its toll on my finances. I even bought the electrode muscle stimulators. While those do make your muscles contract, it's truly not the same as making your body work for you. It's the same with money. Make it work for you. 

Your body and your mind are definitely connected to your spirit. When you take care of one part it begins to help you take care of another and then the other. Mental mind first. Let’s stop comparing ourselves, and if we must, then use that person or people as motivation instead of comparisons. There is only one you, even if you're a twin. Everyone else is taken so why bother. 

You know when society says "hey you broke the mold?” Well be your own mold. You have the power to mold yourself naturally. Be your own inspiration. Tell yourself that exercise is good for you, which it is, and tell yourself that when you show up for yourself you accomplish a little more of fulfilling that mold every day. 

I had to find a way to exercise that works for me, and I hope it works for you. A little background: I have a son, and my child gave me diastasis recti. This condition is the separation of the abdominal walls and pelvic floor. Some cases are severe and some not so much. This also gave me a muffin top. I lost the baby weight fast but that left me with some loose skin. Here comes the creams and body torture and shapers. Ughhhh. You can't breathe and you starve yourself. Wtf!!!!

So for me I finally decided that instead of my new year resolution to be working out, I had to think of something that caught all of everything I wanted to work towards in one goal. I decided my word for the year would be consistency. I would be more consistent in whatever I was doing.

I still eat what I want but in moderation. I don't measure my food but I do try to eat as organic as possible. Burgers, chicken, chocolate mousse and so on. I also looked into a company called Shred. This app breaks down what's going on with your body. 

I was a soft person according to this app. Upon looking further into it, it suggests that your exercise should be 20% and your diet 80%. This also includes a way to eat your food such as carb cycling. The beginning of the week, eat very little to no carbs. In the middle of the week eat little cards to a moderate amount. At the end of the week or cheat days, carb load.

This makes more sense to me. I can do that. I love pasta and I love chocolate and I love Chinese food. Now that doesn't mean go and eat greasy junk, you can eat healthy junk too. I found a few vegan chocolate mousse desserts I really like. Even my son and step daughters love them. Just be mindful of clean eating. It's not that hard to not eat straight up grease. There are good fats and you can eat those. Eat the sushi, eat the lean burger with hella toppings. To me, as long as it's as organic as possible, then pile it up and eat it. 

I fluctuate a lot and I found the best exercises for me are as follows:

Squats 10

Donkey kicks 10 per side

Hip thrusts 10

Planks 45 sec to 1 min

Side leg lifts

Leg lifts 10 per side

Ankle touch 10 per side

Russian twists 10

Go through this cycle as many times as you can in 30 min. Rest 60 sec in between. I use a seven pound kettlebell for russian twists and hip thrusters. Be creative; use your baby if you have to make it fun.

I also would advise people that do have diastasis recti to do pelvic floor exercises before getting into deeper, heavier exercises, as those can cause more damage. Hip thrusts are okay. There is nothing wrong with wearing a shaper you can breathe in and or a belly band to help you. I would also recommend that if you have stretch marks, use a moisturizer - not a lotion - after you shower and after you exercise. This will help during the weight loss to help with keeping loose skin under control

Here's to continuing to stay consistent and loving your body no matter what. So far so good for me. You are worthy of being sexy. Show up for yourself.

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