As an insane perfectionist, it hurts me to even write this. I admit, I’m throwing myself under the bus but, it’s best to self-criticize and self-realize that I, myself, am a kill-joy if I don’t excel or achieve a goal.

At a young age my mother told me to be “twice as good”. Double minorities sacrifice the normal scale and often have to push through to go beyond the standard, if you get what I mean.
As a defense mechanism, my own self doubt has caused me to isolate from the world at times.


I find myself getting mild anxiety attacks from not knowing what my outcome could be. My mind races, “Do I have enough cards to play?” or “Okay option 35 didn’t work so what about 40?”.

If we change our mindset in these situations, we can change how we react. Here are some small steps to help reality not get the best of you.

Live for the Moment
It doesn’t take much to let this step speak for itself.
Why stress the small things? You’re living, breathing perfectly, and able to be mobile. God granted us with the opportunity to get better whether we get that job or meet our “Prince Charming”. Time flies, don’t let it pass you while you’re focused elsewhere.

Listen to Your Loved Ones
As crazy as it seems, your loved ones genuinely will have your best interest. Yes girl, I get it, you’re probably saying “well they’re not in my shoes so they will never understand.” Granted, you are correct, but is your isolation worth losing them?

The broadest statement: genuinely talk to God about the situation. It can be typical, but it works. In a world full on no’s, God can still say “yes”. Don’t let time determine your faith. I did. From my mistakes I would have a horrible mood change and would get so exhausted from stressing about something so ... mediocre.

Let your light shine, remember you’re bigger than every challenge, even if you are your hardest critic.

- Jazsmin Sharell

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