Keep Yourself Occupied Inside!

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Here we are bosses! Weeks into the quarantine strongly suggested from government. Restaurants, beaches, shows, public gatherings have all been shut down in order for us to pay close attention to our awareness of COVID-19. This week, states have begun to have a stricter lockdown for residents.


Some of you may be getting antsy, so here are a few suggestions of how to spend your time that may be more peaceful and lifegiving, and not so straining:


  1. Party with DJ D Nice! (Or another DJ online that you may know) Did you join the party over the weekend? Because it was LIVE! And fun. A chance to dance and be free in the moment.
  2. Join a concert going LIVE for your viewing pleasure: much like the party with DJ D Nice, let loose and sing along to one of your favorite artists.
  3. Baking: a drastic comparison to the first 2 points but, hear me out. Some of you are not party and dance people. Maybe you need some time to bake to keep yourself at peace. It can be very relaxing and a break from the other things you are doing throughout the day to keep yourself from having cabin fever.
  4. Arts and crafts: now I say arts and crafts to cover a multitude of art projects. Could be sewing, painting, drawing, portraits, building, puzzles, coloring. This is a great way to ease your mind and be at peace as you focus on the details of your masterpiece.
  5. Writing: this also covers a multitude of genres, types and topics. Could be personal, based on facts or complete fiction. Have you ever wanted to write a book? Now is the time. Write those poems, novels, and training courses that you’ve been putting off or take the load off of your mind by just journaling all your thoughts into ink. Get creative!


These are a few suggestions to do as we continue to wait this thing out safely inside. Have some other suggestions for the bosses? Share it in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts on what is keeping you occupied inside.





Felicia Morgan

1 comment

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