Making Time Into Quality Time


Busy! Busy! Busy!

Kids, hair, school, work, makeup tutorials, meetings, dates, husband, social life, all while staying hydrated and spending time with God right?

And I don’t mean just any time. I mean QUALITY time. its important that we get the most out of our alone time even when we don’t have a ton of time. 

Here are a few tips to help your time be the most productive:

  1. Do it while alert: you don’t want to spend half of your time sleep while God was attempting to answer you. I like to spend the first part of my day with God. It helps me get my priorities straight for what I need to do, and start my day off in peace before busyness erupts. You may be more alert in the evening. Choose what works best for you. 
  2. Turn your phone off: or at least put it on mute and in another room. Put it in a place where it is not a cause for distraction. And while you’re at it, especially in the morning, don’t even look at it before you spend your quality time with God. Whatever message is there can wait until you’re done. 
  3. Worship to set the atmosphere: to get your mind clear and on Him, put a little praise on it. Dance, shout, sing a long. Stir yourself up to make sure your mind is on the one and only ONE! 
  4. Be flexible: some days with God it’s all talk, sometimes reading, it could be more intense studying, journaling, or even a mix of a few. Be free to flow in your time just like any intimate relationship. It’s not about being a robot to say you spent time. God knows what you need and will guide you accordingly if you are open to listen. If your kids pop in on you, tell them it’s quiet time with God and have them write a letter so everyone is on one accord. Let nothing keep you from what you need in order to get filled up to be your best. 

No matter what. God sees your desire to spend time with Him. Keep making the adjustments and be intentional to free yourself from distractions until it becomes an effortless lifestyle. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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