Mindset is everything

It should be no secret to anyone, that our thoughts affect a lot in our lives. Our decisions, our motives, our peace. We can trust God all we want, but what are we doing to make sure our mindset is on the things God has for us?
“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”
Philippians 2:5        
We must surrender what we think and put on the mindset of Christ. A mindset of victory and confidence, of true identity as God created us. Lay down what you think and put on how Christ thinks! He never focused on the problems that laid ahead. He only focused on His Heavenly Father and the authority placed in Him. Because of the sacrifice of Christ, you have that same mindset, power, and authority. Don’t get scared or THINK that you can’t. Take hold of the mindset that Christ has gifted to you!
Now go out and be the boss you are destined to be!!
Affirmation: I am Christ minded!
Keep Your Crown Up,
Felicia Morgan

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