Pray For Your Enemies


You know those days...Pulling up to work, you do your best to be full of positivity and gratitude. You do affirmations, you tell yourself you’re amazing how you’ll hit your goals and so on. You pray that the irritating co worker doesn’t come at you, but did you pray for the one that tests you? The one that speaks rudely? The one giving you the silent treatment? The one with the extra sarcasm? Did you add in a prayer for them, not just about them?

I encourage you to change your strategy. You keep saying help me not go off, or redirect their path from my desk, but what if you actually pray FOR them? And I don’t mean just a nonchalant prayer to say may they be blessed. I mean pray for them the way you would pray for a loved one. Go in as an intercession for specific blessings for them.

Here’s the thing, prayer changes things. And when you surrender that person to God by really praying for them, God will help you to see them the way He sees them. They are still a child of God. They come at you the wrong way, but when you start praying for them maybe God will show you they’re going through a divorce and their anger has nothing to do with you personally. Or maybe they’re jealous and so they do things to spite you but when you start operating in love, it breaks it. 

God is funny how He works. He says love your enemies. So pray for them and watch that surrender to the Most Loving one change them. And even if it doesn’t change them immediately, it will change you, which will switch your perspective. Trust me, if you have a problem with a certain personality, that same type of person will keep showing up in your life until you learn how to deal with them without affecting your attitude. That’s when you pass the test. I have found that by caring enough about them to pray for them it opens up doors of opportunity and transformation. Believe in the power of prayer, if it can work for you and your loved ones, it will work for your haters too! 

What are some other things you do to overcome adversity in the workplace to get along?



Keep your crown up,


Felicia Morgan



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