Prepare Your Vision


Do you want to know what successful people do for a great 2020? They start NOW! They prepare. They set goals. They create a vision and they go after it. Let me explain something bosses, January 1 is just too late. That’s right. January 1st of the year 2020 should just be an extension of the momentum you create starting in 2019. 


Finish strong for the things you said that you would get done in 2019. Remind yourself of the things you lost track of. Just because they didn’t happen this year does NOT mean they will never happen. Timing is everything. Never cancel a goal. Sometimes they need adjusting, but most of the time they just need the right belief and hard work behind them. Here are a few things to ask yourself in order to help you prepare and get the ball rolling in the right direction for next year:


  1.     What did you successfully complete? Making a mental note or jotting things down to keep track of what you did finish is important. It’s good that you show yourself that you know how to make progress and results.
  2.     What did you not accomplish? Why not? Adjust your goals or break them down into something smaller that you can hit that will not be overwhelming.
  3.     What are your goals for next year? WRITE THEM DOWN. Don’t leave it all to memory. There is something powerful in writing a goal. Write new goals, add what you didn’t get to, add what seems crazy big and outrageous. 


Don’t let what didn’t happen stop you from making things happen now. Enjoy your holiday time but keep your eye on the prize. It’s time to boss up and not back down. 2020 is your year again. Take charge today! 


Share some of your goals with us! What are the goals you are passionately going for in 2020?



Felicia Morgan




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