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After a long week, I like to unwind. I have learned that if I don’t take care of me, then I am failing myself. Ultimately, I’m also failing the things I always desire to show up fully present in. 

Recently, I’ve been up and down emotionally. I hate seeing what’s happening in the news. As a black woman, I also know it’s the reality. If I focus on it too much, I can find myself getting angry over and over again. Being so emotionally attached can be draining. I realized I was stressing myself out and knew that I needed to take a break from social media images to make sure I was mentally at peace. I learned a few years ago the importance of taking care of myself so I won’t end up on the brink. There are different ways I have discovered to have self-care. One thing I love is clear, beautiful skin. So, of course, I like time to take care of mine as well.

I love my spa days! They are so amazing, relaxing and peaceful. Because I do them at home, they are affordable as well. When I feel good about my skin, I feel good about me too. It’s also an opportunity for me to relax, clear my mind and do something for myself in my busy schedule.  

Here are some tips to create a spa day for yourself at home:

  1.     Create a quiet space: even if you love to have the music blasting to help you relax, make sure people, grown and small, know you are taking at least an hour for yourself. No requests will be filled.
  2.     Grab your favorite mask: if you want to be specific to the moment, there are stress relief and calming masks. There are a variety of different ones that are fun to try out. I love the sheet masks; makes it easy. Clay masks would be my other favorite.
  3.     Set up your comfy area: could be your bed, could be your couch. Keep a book nearby if you want to read. Have your headphones within reach as well if you prefer music. Or just bask in the silence with deep breaths and a much-needed nap while your mask dries. Do whatever works for you and will get you the most relief.

Remember, no matter what, you are worth caring for. If you don’t take the time to care for yourself, how will you continue to work, grind, nurture, protest and be a voice for the voiceless? It is not self-centered to take a moment for you. It’s okay to put yourself first in some things. You live, you learn, you adjust. Now you can do it with your skin poppin’ too!




Felicia Morgan

IG: @feliciamorgan.ent


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