Service Power


There is something in this world that provides access to greatness. It often goes underestimated. Many people overlook it. Others are selfish enough to pay it no mind. Some people feel as if it’s beneath them and in order to be a boss, it’s something they don’t have to do. But the real bosses understand it’s power and the purpose it provides. Real bosses know that it opens doors and gives much respect to those who give it. 

It’s called service. 

Be honest, how often do you look forward to being of service to someone? It’s not always easy or fun, but it is necessary. Devon Franklin explains in his book, “The Hollywood Commandments” the power that serving holds. It shows humility. It shows your willingness to learn. It’s not all glamour. But, when you’re good at it, it can put you right in the pocket of some influential people. And just being in the presence of some top people can easily be a learning ground that many will pay for. But when you’re serving, you can reap the benefits of being there for free and learning to apply what you’ve learned. 

Service even gains trust. It’s hard to know who is who in this world sometimes. But if you find someone who is able and willing to provide a service to you with no personal interest in mind, that’s someone to invest in. 

I have had the pleasure and frustration of being good at serving others. I’ve been entrusted to work with some great executives. And yes, I have learned to be content in my work and know that even if no one else does, I know God sees me. I’ve learned to keep this attitude over time and just play my position and it has opened up doors for me that would not have been so based solely on my talent and finesse. So I encourage you, if you see a need, don’t overlook it, you be the one to pay attention to the details and stand out with your serving heart. If you admire someone and where they are, serve them in a way to sow back into them and you will find that it actually teaches you more of how you can get there yourself. 

What have you learned by serving others? What is your own personal attitude on serving?

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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