Social Media Official: Picking The Right Time To Go Public


Ladies, are you currently in a relationship and having the time of your life!? You guys are enjoying each others company, making memories, and taking pictures! Sure,, maybe your best friend knows about the lucky guy, maybe your mom, and maybe even a sister. But when is the right time to tell the whole world? Today I’m here to shed a little light on becoming “Social Media Official”.

Everything that follows is strictly my own input, insights, and experiences with this topic. However, after reading this, do and discover what feels right to you.

First things first, I believe time plays a big role in making the decision to become social media official. It’s embarrassing after a month of dating to plaster your relationship all over IG and a month later have to take it all down because things didn’t work out. I believe it is important to spend the first 2-3 months really enjoying and getting to know that person. If you do not see a future with him DO NOT post him all over your feed. The last thing you want is a man you have no future with all up and down your page and you miss out on the man that's been watching you and praying for you as he comes across each of your posts.

Another way to tell if it is the right time to make it social media official is to ask the other party that's involved. If the guy is uncomfortable with you sharing your relationship on social media then don’t. It’s not time yet. I believe communication will be key when it comes to showing the world different parts and depictions of your relationship. Personally, in my past, I have been way too  excited about having a relationship to post that I literally posted everything! My boyfriend at the time didn’t approve of how much I was posting our relationship. He claimed he didn’t want others in our business and that I just wanted to show off. He did make a very interesting point though. I did want to show off. It was almost as if I was in the relationship for the pictures and not for the need to glorify God with another person. When you realize that you are not “obsessed” with the idea and possible pictures you can get within a relationship, you are getting closer to the right time to post. At this point you will be sharing to genuinely share your love with the world. Not to compete with others. When making the decision to become social media official definitely check your motives before posting.


As far as how long or how many months or years you should wait before you post your significant other, I can’t necessarily answer that. That is something you can take to God in prayer. However, when you AND bae feel comfortable going public, do it! I just suggest making sure its real, and right, and God’s will first.


Let's start a conversation! When do you think is the right to to become social media official? Let me know in the comments!

Love and Blessings Ladies,

-Jerica Henderson

IG: @iflyinjuly /@_fierceandfavored_

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