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Do you know the power of who is in your circle? Who you surround yourself with can motivate you or promote your downfall. As we enter into this 4th quarter of 2019 it’s time to start evaluating some things. If the people around you don’t inspire you, encourage you or push you out of your comfort zone to do more, then really ask yourself what their purpose is for you. Here’s a few reasons why you should really know who you have in your circle:

  1. Iron sharpens iron

            Of course, keeping the right squad around you allows you to sharpen your skills. You shouldn’t be the smartest person in your group. If so, your group is too small. You need someone or some people to keep you on your toes, that push you to dream even bigger than you would on your own. These people are worth keeping. 

  1. Strong when you’re weak

            Our flesh has a tendency to kick in and discourage us. It’s our circle’s perspective that keeps us motivated. Even when we feel weary, the right group will tell you not to focus on your feelings, but really keeping the end in mind and what’s best for all parties. Ultimately, they should be your backbone until you feel you can stand again in your toughest seasons.

  1. Visible potential 

             We often can only see what’s in front of us, we get complacent in our habits and we’re quick to say “that’s not me”. This just won’t fly in the right crowd because they can see what we can’t. Our potential, our gifts are often very visible to others and overlooked by ourselves. You want those that believe in what you have inside of you.

If you don’t have the right squad pouring into you, you need to get points 1-3 above ASAP. It takes time to build the right squad so don’t get discouraged. And quantity of time knowing you has nothing to do with quality. Pay attention to character and watch your tribe thrive!

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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