• Get Creative

    Get Creative

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      Hey bosslady! Many of us still face some financial uncertainty due to the quarantine. Some of us have even made the biggest sacrifice over the past few months because our jobs are considered essential.   If you happen to be at home, and you happen to have lost your job, or maybe you aren’t sure, I want to remind you of how creative you are....
  • Worry Does Not Live Here Anymore

    Worry Does Not Live Here Anymore

    You know what spread faster than Rona in these streets? Fear!   I remember seeing in a Facebook group a girl from China asking for prayer because they were in quarantine. I thought “that’s crazy”. And months later, it’s right on our own doorstep. The funny thing is, I’m not even worried about the virus itself, although I do take all precautions seriously.  ...
  • Build Your Brand: Who Are You?

    Build Your Brand: Who Are You?

    The founder of Women Who Boss, Nathalie Nicole, is amazing at what she does! Lately, she’s been dropping free gems on how to build your personal brand.   It has been insightful and intriguing if you’ve been following along during her Quarantine Happy Hour LIVE on Instagram. Last week she asked an engaging question and it really took me a minute to figure it...
  • Coping With Moments Lost

    Coping With Moments Lost

    The world we have come to know is extremely different right now. Besides just regular, everyday social activities, it is becoming more and more real just how much Rona has affected our special moments in life.   Just to name a few: High school seniors won’t have their prom. Weddings that have been planned for years have to be postponed. Birthdays are spent alone....
  • Your Story Is Your Brand

    Your Story Is Your Brand

    Hey boss! How’s that quarantine time coming?   So many bosses and CEO’s have learned to reinvent themselves at this time. Although they are separated from human interaction (or should be at least) a lot of them are connecting more directly to those who have supported them right through their various social platforms. That list includes our very own Women Who Boss founder, Nathalie...
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