• A Posture To Rest

    A Posture To Rest

    Hey sis, I see you making moves and doing big things. You're already prepping for 2020 like it was next week. I'm so proud of you! You do your best to balance work, school, husband, kids and all while building your brand and looking good too! But please remember, when you do it while resting in the promises of God, you'll be more refreshed! ...
  • A Time To Assess

    A Time To Assess

    I just had a birthday recently! And I shared a few things that God has been revealing to me over time that I wish I had known when I was younger. This time of the year is good for me to reflect and take an internal assessment overall. But I realize though, not everyone takes the time to reflect and look back for the...
  • Pray For Your Enemies

    Pray For Your Enemies

    You know those days...Pulling up to work, you do your best to be full of positivity and gratitude. You do affirmations, you tell yourself you’re amazing how you’ll hit your goals and so on. You pray that the irritating co worker doesn’t come at you, but did you pray for the one that tests you? The one that speaks rudely? The one giving you...
  • Don’t Let It Stress You

    Don’t Let It Stress You

    It’s so easy to let things get to you. Have you ever seen those people that don’t sweat under circumstances? They’re just cool as a fan. Everyone else is screaming like chickens with their heads off and they're just drinking a cool glass of lemonade. Well, that’s not me. I’m actually the screaming chicken! However, I’ve learned over the years how much that does...
  • Fighting Mental Health Together

    Fighting Mental Health Together

    We need to face this. There is a reality going on in this world, and its ugly head is called mental health! There are so many different forms of mental health and the ways in which they affect people vary.  men·tal health noun. a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being: According to mental health.gov if you or a person you...
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