The Art of True Love

Have you ever been in close contact with an artist? An artist of any kind. They take their work seriously and they make it extremely personal. So, whatever you say about their work, you need to tread lightly. It’s a piece of them. They poured their heart into it. 


For years, I dealt with a lot of insecurities, fear, anxiety, and people pleasing. God began to shed all of this when I really started seeking Him. It’s been a process to say the least. I’m not perfect by any means at all. Anything is possible with God, but most things don’t just happen overnight. And one day, while I was praying, I felt God put upon my heart, “love me harder”. 


“Huh? What does that even mean? How Lord? Show me!”


He said, “by loving yourself” 


I got overwhelmed in emotion, because it made me think. When I get mad at myself, tear myself down for mistakes, wish I had different attributes, wish I had different gifts and talents, didn’t have to deal with my weaknesses how it must’ve made God feel. To know He poured His all into making me just the way He wanted. Just the way He intended. His precious artwork. His masterpiece. 


Here I was minimizing it and yet turning around to praise Him. 


I don’t have any kids yet, but I could only imagine how I would feel as a parent if someone praised my parenting skills then criticized my child. This is how God feels. So now, even when I don’t want to, I look myself in the mirror and say “hey beautiful “.


I’ve learned to be easier now on my mistakes, though I still expect more of myself.


And this is what God desires. So if you’re like me, take a moment and appreciate who you are. 


God doesn’t care about who you are growing into. He loves you just as much right now, flaws and all.


When you love yourself, you love on God. Because when you admire and honor the artwork, that’s an artists greatest desire. So no matter your relationship status this, make sure you take the time to love yourself, the way God loves you, before anyone else has any say-so.


Keep your crown up, 



Felicia Morgan



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