The Best Ways To Have Fun With Just You Around


Hey Girlies! Today is very special! So put your hair in a bun, go get your favorite tub of ice cream, and put on your favorite pajamas! We are about to dive into the best ways to have fun with just you around!

  1. Have a DANCE PARTY!!

This has got to be the best thing you can do by yourself. Why? Because no one is watching!! Grab your speaker, turn on your favorite tunes, jump on your bed, and take it to the left, the right, the front, and the back! Milly rock the day away or do the Cha-cha slide all by yourself! You can even take it back to chicken noodle soup...with a soda on the side! Whatever it is, let your hair down and dance like no one is watching! Plus, it makes for a good workout too!

     2. Turn your closet into a dressing room!

Ladies, you know you want to! It’s okay, I won’t judge! Go inside of your closest and try on your clothes. Then model walk in front of the mirror. I love this because it makes me feel fancy! Like I’m being fitted for some award show or something. Plus, it helps put in perspective how many outfits I can actually mix and match. This also causes you to be grateful for what you have and save money on clothes. More than likely you’ll find that you already have that little black dress that you need for next week.

     3. Take yourself out on a date!

Yes baby girl, treat yo’self! Go to the movies and splurge on that good ol’ salty-buttery movie popcorn. Go to Starbucks and get your favorite drink in a venti size. If it’s warm out, sit outside and watch the sun rise while you take sip after sip. Go to Red Lobster and only go for the biscuits. It’s okay! I promise it’ll feel like paradise to be alone, in your own world, and laughing at your own jokes.

    4. Go Workout!

Put on your favorite athletic wear and get fired up at the gym (or at home). Sweat it out girl! Release the stress and have fun while doing it. Doing it with just you around can help you not worry about the opinions of others. You can get down and dirty without caring about looking stupid or doing the exercise wrong! Haha

    5. Sing Karaoke!

Child you better turn on some Whitney instrumentals and sing your heart out baby! Even your favorite Gospel song probably has a karaoke version. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to have fun. Plus, doesn’t everyone want to pretend to win American Idol?

    6. COOK!

Ladies, this can be a ton of fun! It’s always inspirational to try new things. Especially by yourself, when only you are the judge. Find a recipe online or in a nearby cookbook. Crack out your pots and pans. Turn on some tunes and cook your little heart away. It can be super fun and relaxing to play around in the kitchen. However, me personally, I kind of have to be in the mood for it. Cooking takes patience.

Last but not least...

   7. Binge Watch Netflix!!!

(This, my dears, is self explanatory lol)

By nature as women we often make time for everyone else with no excuse. But it’s important that you make yourself a priority at times. So ladies, which number will you try first to kick off some fun “just you” alone time?

Love and Blessings,

-Jerica Henderson

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