The Comparison Trap


I don’t know about the guys, but for girls early on, it’s as if everything is a competition. And not just competing for whose skill and talent is the best. We take it to the core, like being better at some-thing somehow makes us better than some-one.

This is crazy.

I remember being younger and being cheated on. The first thoughts that came rushing to me after I wondered why, was how did I not measure up? In what ways was who I am outshined by her? I dealt with many insecurities then. If you find yourself comparing who you are or even your life to others, let’s take some practical steps back to implement:

  1. Appreciate who you are

Write out what you are grateful for and what you like about you.

  1. Embrace your uniqueness

You were created one of a kind. So yes, embrace even the quirky parts that not everyone understands. 

  1. Be free from the opinion of others. 

Everyone has an opinion, so if they use it to hate on you, that’s their loss, not yours. 

Comparison drags us down. Sometimes it can be sneaky and sound more like “if i had that this is what I’d do” and even “it’s not fair”. But it’s all a mentality. Shift how you view situations, people and yourself. Be grateful for how it all fits together on this planet. Gratitude and comparison cannot reside in the same heart. 

What have you done to free yourself from comparison? Drop some wisdom in the comments.

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan



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