The Danger of Isolation

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Isolation: it’s dangerous for any person. Our perceptions are only what we can see and any other perspective is unimaginable many times. Often we can be stubborn when others offer their own suggestions or point of view. Especially when you are not in a place of seeing a hopeful, positive outcome, isolation seeks to destroy you.

When I grew up my mom advised against holding pity parties. As a defense mechanism, I have a tendency to almost want to hide if I’m going through something. I have done it as a means to escape judgment. My mom did it as a means to not bring anyone down with her own emotions.

And when you are in isolation you can find yourself making bad decisions. You push the wrong people away. In a growing depressive society, isolation is what we should stay away from. When you feel yourself go into isolation I pray for you to have friends that come find you despite how you feel.

That deep dark corner is no good. Personal fellowship with others is so important. Often, others can see our situations better with a less subjective point of view about it.

If you are a friend or relative to someone who goes into isolation keep in mind a few points:

  1. Touch base with them often: they may make a display of being annoyed, but at least you know they’re okay. And, in the back of their mind, they know that you care, even if they never mention it.
  2. Let them know you care: it can seem silly, but a lie that plays in the mind of someone in isolation is often that “no one cares”. You have to break this as best as you can. Say it out loud, “I care about you, I love you, I want the best for you”.
  3. Take everything they say as a red flag: It’s better to be too careful than to not pay enough attention. Too many times close friends saw the signs but didn’t move out of instinct to take action, thinking their loved ones would come around as they always do. But you just never know.
  4. Let them feel there’s a safe judge free zone to open up: It may take some time but you are better able to get them to really open up if they feel there won’t be any backlash.

Unfortunately, isolation can be the last resort someone does before doing something radical, such as suicide. Other times, it’s not that serious, some people just need time and space to get away and come back fully restored. All you can do is show that you care and you are there. It’s not your job to play savior. Because in the end, you can’t control what people do. It all depends on the person. But it’s important to realize that the wrong isolation creates a space for things to get worse. And we must break this when possible. It’s time to be real with ourselves and how we handle the pressures of life.

If you are the person with a tendency to isolate, like me, notice it and push yourself to go beyond what you want and go to where is needed. Let’s be human enough to keep each other in mind and care for one another.

Do you ever isolate yourself? Why? Do you have friends or family that isolate themselves? What do you do to make sure that they make it out of that space okay and better than they went in?

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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  • Posted on by Etosha B

    To keep myself from being isolated from the world is I have to discern if God has me in a wilderness season or if I’m just taking time to rejuvenate myself and then get back in the game. I use to isolate myself a lot, but now God is surrounding me with wonderful and loving people to keep me moving in grace, even when I don’t want to move. I’ve grown a lot because God has placed the right people around me and He continues to keep me surrounded by His love.

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