The Importance of Self Care


The lives of women are diverse and while we each have our separate battles to fight, we have one major commonality: we are needed. We are the bodies that bring forth life into the world and the adhesive that holds families together. We take on the emotional labor of caring for a home most times, even while working 9 to 5. At the end of most days, caring for yourself is easier said than done, but making time for self-care is a major necessity, Boss Woman, and here’s why:

A Queen’s Business

Self-care is a confidence booster. Not only that but when you take the time to take care of yourself, it lets those around you know that you value yourself and your sanity. Handle the essential human needs like getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising your muscles and mind, and doing your best to stay clear of negativity.

Stress Less

Your mind needs time to unwind and when you don’t make that time, expect to feel it in your body and spirit. If work is demanding to the point that it depletes you, then you head home and neglect to decompress, it’s likely that you’ll follow that pattern until you physically cannot.

I’ve had some self-care discussions over the past few years and oddly, most of them occurred once I became a mother. Motherhood introduced me to a different side of life: the side of life where someone needed every little bit of me, but also needed me to be content.

I had my first child, a son named Elijah, in the wintertime and when you live in the Northeast, winter brings snow, ice, and school closings. Needless to say (I’m going to say it anyway), I got stuck in the house and it was an entire drag. Learning how to care for a baby and learning how to take care of yourself after you bring a child into this world are two very daunting affairs in themselves. I can remember spending late nights with my husband, staring at our beautiful brand-new creation, neglecting every responsibility that I had to myself. I felt bad taking a shower, going to the grocery store, and when I cooked, I only made quick meals like sandwiches and breakfast foods. Postpartum depression was very real for me, but I believe that self-care and the realization that “self-care” does not mean “selfish” saved my family.

“Jean,” they said, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Neither can you, Boss.

If you’re like me, then your idea of self-care is going to change as you get a little older. But then again, why shouldn’t it? As your needs change, I pray you will allow more positivity and less worry into your life, for that is the essence of self-care. Please take care of yourself, Queen, and make a commitment to do it daily.

Ladies, are you making time for yourself? If so, please share how you practice self-care in the comments and how doing so improves your life.

Until next time, Superwoman,

Stay grateful and accountable.

Jeannelle Jean Lundy


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