The Journey To Consistency


Sometimes in life, we become caught up in doing so many things at once that we forget the purpose behind it. Or we'll get stuck in a rut and forget to turn back to the things that once made us happy. The key to not getting stuck is to remember your end goal. You may get stuck for a while, but you won't fall, and you won't fail. 

Once you're out of the rut, start working towards your end goal and make the conscious decision to be consistent. When you're consistent you're able to see real-time results, because every day you are seeing the impact you are making and the progress you are achieving. 

It's easy to start things, but it's harder to keep at it. It's easy to plan, but even harder to follow through. Self-discipline, motivation, and finding your "why" is what will keep you going.

My “why” is to see women living transformed lives and live shamelessly for Christ! So in order for me to see that outcome, I have to show up every day for my ministry because I am passionate about helping other women.

What is your why? What is the thing that keeps you going?

When you figure out your WHY, you'll be able to accomplish your goals more effectively. But I understand, being consistent is easier said than done. I hear you! But think about it this way; when you’re consistent you are able to maximize your time and spend that time doing those things you love and less time worrying about what you "should" have or "could" have done.

What in your life are you struggling to be consistent with? Whatever the case, here are some tips:

  • Get it done as soon as possible. As soon as you wake up... get it done! Get it out of the way so you don't have to worry about doing it later.
  • Find a time that works for you. Set a specific time out of the day where you are uninterrupted and solely focused on your goal. Maximize that time to the fullest.
  • Set reminders. Utilize the free apps on your phone to set a reminder when you need to do something. This will help you get into a routine and you'll be able to hold yourself accountable.
  • Let go of excuses. Set your mind on the end goal and not on what it looks like right now. For example, if your life is super hectic and unorganized, imagine what it would look like if you were consistent with planning out your schedule. Once you think about the end result you'll have no excuse; only more motivation to work at your goals.

This week be consistent with something small. Once you've mastered that, take it up a notch! Remember your "why" and work towards it every day.

Daisy Sturgis 

IG: @flourishingministries


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