The Power Of Impact



The dictionary defines impact as “the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another.” In the society that we live in today there are many different platforms that are available to us where we can showcase our businesses, brands and our personal lives, but how many of us are really making an impact today? 

I believe it all starts with your intentions! Impactful people live the life that they are promoting and help others along the way.There are some people that do it for the fame and followers and only show off a glamorous lifestyle, and then there are also influencers that have a mission and goal in mind. They provide information about their cause and use their platform to be informative and promote positive change. 

Being a part of the millennial generation I see leaders and influencers from all over stepping up to the plate,taking responsibility and changing lives with the things that they are the most dedicated to and passionate about. When you truly make an impact on society your impact should be able to still be felt and carried on even after you are gone. With that being said one of the greatest influencers who made one of the greatest impacts during this generation was the late Nipsey Hustle. 

“The Marathon Continues,” is the impact that we are left with. Nipsey made an impact in many areas of his life and his local community in Los Angeles. He had a vision to make his community and the world better. Before his untimely death he had planned to meet with the team of Roc Nation to discuss initiatives to stop gang violence, he also worked with investors to provide better housing options to lower income families, and was even involved in local community projects that would celebrate black history just to name a few.   

It is clear the message that Nipsey wanted to relay about his intentions and his life agenda to give back and make his community and the world a better place. We can pick up where the younger influencer left off and only hope that we can live up to the standards of “The Marathon.”

Millennials let's keep this same energy in everything we do.


By: Tiarra Brooks



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