The Power of Self-Awareness


I’ve listened to a lot of self-development videos, audio, and books. Many of them are very helpful. However, one key ingredient to all the suggestions they often overlooked or already presumed. Yet, it is a key ingredient to it all.


Self-awareness allows us to look inward and know what advice and coaching are for us and what is not. But if your internal mirror is broken it can either be so prideful to think you need no help at all. Or, because you’[ve been growing already in certain areas  you think certain things don’t apply to you. 

For instance, let’s say you usually have alick tongue and say whatever. But now you don’t say whatever but your tone is still sharp and shows irritation. You can tell yourself that you didn’t have an attitude and don’t understand the other’s reactions. But honestly you had an attitude even though you didn’t pop off like you really wanted to.

I’ve learned that if I can’t clearly see my flaws, to surround myself with those who truly love me and will tell me the truth. Learn to see yourself from others perspective na not just your own. 

We all need help and we all need growth. Keep your head up and know you’re getting better. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan


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