The Promise in the Process


Have you ever questioned your purpose? Asked where you are? The direction you should be going? If you have, you are not alone because I’ve had many of these questions lately too. Be careful not to overthink or your head will spin.

 Then there’s social media which doesn’t make it any better. You see the people you admire. The ones you strive to be like. They’re so polished, postured, and their brand has complete clarity. It’s as if they woke up, got their purpose handed to them and here they are. However, that’s not the case. Don’t get discouraged by the highlight reels you see online because at the end of the day, that’s all they are. Behind all of the “highlights,” what about the behind the scenes, detours, twists, turns, the process it took to get there? The process is the main piece to the puzzle but rarely highlighted, but that’s hard to believe when the promise in the process is the most beautiful part. 

 Our purpose is not a tangible thing we pick up and say, “look, I found it, all is well”. No, it takes trial and error. It takes blood, sweat and tears. All of that together is what makes the promise so precious. 

So as you continue to develop the boss in you, here’s a few key things to remember during your process: 

  1. Appreciate the Process. If you don’t learn to be content now, there’s not one title, position, award or partnership that gives you the happiness you need. Learn to choose to be happy today, it will carry into your tomorrow.

  1. All pieces help create the bigger picture. All that you learn, gain, lose, setbacks, new friends, lost friends, they all work together to get you to your destiny. So don’t look down on any of it. Everything you go through today has a place in your future. The journey is what makes it all worth it.

  1. Everything is now. In other words, boss up! Be the person you envision yourself as today. You don’t have to wait. You can be that person right now. Once you get to where you desire, you may even discover the things you do then, are a lot similar to what you do today. That’s what happens when you plant seeds. The things you do naturally now without thinking about, will be done on a bigger scale later. 

Do not get caught up in the hype wishing you were at a certain point in your life. Don’t discount what you’re going through. The promises you long for in your future, are actually manifesting themselves in your present. Your success is happening one day at a time, setting you up for your future. So, keep your head up, today’s mistake fuels tomorrow’s promise. You got this!

Stay bossy,

Felicia Morgan


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