The Silent Season


Have you ever been on track, everything is going good, your relationship with God is growing, you’re spending quality time with Him. Then it seems you get comfortable. Maybe you don’t spend as much time with Him because you are running around everywhere. You’re attempting to put all the pieces together, it seems nothing is right, you’re always playing catch up. You finally get on your knees and ask God for help and He responds with:


That’s it. Nothing! No nudge. No feeling. No soft whisper. Just your own thoughts and the mound of frustration builds. Well, don’t be so quick to react. You may be in a silent season.

Many times we hear silent seasons spoken of as a time that God is acting as a teacher giving a test, and the teacher is always silent at test time. But sometimes, it’s more than that.

God wants to get your attention. Not just half of it, but your full attention. He hasn’t left you. If you find yourself in a silent season here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make God your priority: You’re so busy running around that there is no point for God to keep talking until you slow down to hear. He wants you to realize that He wants to go the journey with you. So when you push Him out, He respects you. But, when you get that unrest that doesn’t sit right until you run back to Him, He is glad to jump right back in. Quit telling God about your plans so He can fix it. Run to Him first and ask Him what the plan should be.  
  2. This is a time to recharge: Sometimes we are so busy building that we don’t realize we are burning ourselves out. God wants you to rest. Let Him put some things together. You don’t always have to start something new. Take a moment to go back to your power source. The doors He is about to open will take more of you. He can’t do that until you’re ready. This isn’t time to build something new. No busy work. Plug back in to get the energy you need. Not by focusing on what He can give you, but remind yourself of who He is. See His heart and rest in His presence.
  3. Lay down your frustration: in other words, lay down your expectations. Take the time to see as God sees. Realize He wants the best for you. He’s not keeping it from you, He is preparing you.

Remember that God loves you. He simply wants to warn you before you get too ahead of yourself. A great book to read in the midst of your silent season is “Silent Seasons” by Heather Lindsey. She dives in even deeper with the purpose of this time in your life and prepares you to come out on top of your silent season.

Are you in a silent season? What’s been your experience or frustration? What will you do now to channel that energy in the right way?

Remember bosses, keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan

IG: @feliciajomorgan

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