Devon Franklin is an anomaly in a world that promotes sex, drugs, and alcohol. Up until recently, most women have grown accustomed to believing that all men are dogs. Perhaps there is some truth to this school of thought. In his newest book titled The Truth About Men: What Women Need to Know, Franklin examines himself.  By doing so he fearlessly expounds upon the stereotypes about men and shares his own personal journey. In the book, Franklin admits to his own apprehension about writing such a controversial topic. He knew that he would have to examine himself in order to speak the truth about men being dogs.


Franklin is known for his ferocious faith and radical stance on love and marriage. His book titled The Wait is a New York Times bestseller. He has traveled the country speaking about the importance of waiting and keeping God first. This book is a sequel of sorts because we now get to see the growth that comes along with being in a committed relationship. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that marriage is not a relationship band-aid. In fact, once you get married, you will be challenged on levels that you never knew existed. This book will take you inside the mind of a man that is honest enough to express his own humanity in an effort to explain how men really think.


Relationships can be complicated. The difference between being a boy and a man is having self-control. Quiet as it’s kept, good men do still exist. Franklin is an anomaly because he defies a lot of the stereotypes that we hear about men. He is a God fearing man that is committed to one woman. People like Tony Gaskins, Shamele Mackie (aka Papoose), and Franklin are showing the world what it means to be in a committed relationship.


If anything, upon reading this book, you will gain insight and perspective from an honest man about what it takes to be a real man. This book will help men and women gain insight and understanding of how to overcome lust and embrace love.

By: Christina Thomas

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