Time To Boss Up

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So, bosses, how you hanging in there?


It can be a bit hectic in a season of unknowns, new things are happening with multiple closings. But what do bosses do? They keep it moving and they find new solutions! So, here are a few tips to keep you on your toes this season:


  1. Get the facts: news can tell you one side of information. But don’t make a judgment based on what you are hearing or bad sources. Find out the important details and decipher what is necessary for you and your family.
  2. Unplug if necessary, stay calm: too much news, is just plain bad news, back to back to back. It runs 24/7 and right now it’s what everyone is tuning in for, so it’s all they are going to play. If you feel anxious about it, step back and make sure you are taking care of you and not becoming addicted to information.
  3. Take practical precautions: take the information you learned and apply what you need to. Be prepared. It’s better to be safe and have more than you think if you privileged, but don’t be a hoarding hog either.
  4. Serve those that can’t help themselves: Think about the elderly that can’t see family, the doctors and nurses putting themselves in the line of fire, the janitors that also serve in those places, the kids missing meals because they aren’t in school. Unfortunately, that list can go on. So, if you know someone in need, help them, reach out to them. Call someone, pray with them.
  5. Trust God: When you’ve done all that you could do, the rest is in His hands. Take this time unwind and rest in Him.


I pray you all are safe and in good care. Keep your head up no matter what!





Felicia Morgan

1 comment

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