To Give Light


 “What is to give light must endure burning”

Viktor Frankl 

In other words, in order to produce something beneficial you must first endure hardships that are required.

Many times in life, when troubles come, we may feel like everything is over. We may feel like throwing in the towel from just one mistake or that roadblock that gets in the way of our life’s pathway. This reminds me of my first year in college. I never was the student who made time to study, go to tutoring or start on certain assignments ahead of time. Nope. Procrastination was my best friend, because I was too busy partying and having fun and forgetting about what mattered most.

 At the end of the semester I was completely shut down and devastated at the grades I received. I tried to find every excuse I could but they all lead back to me. I took an extra semester off because I didn’t think it was worth it anymore. I could not face the fact that I really got the work I put in, which was not hard work at all. Of course, I felt like a sore loser, like I was behind now and would never catch up or graduate on time. But this was a huge lesson learned. The lesson was that many times we go through things in order to grow through things. In this case, I was very irresponsible when it came to staying focused my freshman year of college. The outcome afterward was to learn how to prioritize my time and make time for what keeps me focused and on track.

 I was not made to give up; you were not made to give up!

 If you’ve found yourself in similar situations, here is a 2 Step guide to get back in the fire and use your strength to walk through and not be burned:

  • Face Reality
  • Many times we tend to run from life than to run towards it. I believe that most humans are masters of avoidance. We want to be so present that we avoid the things that’ll strengthen us and give us everlasting happiness than to just have it temporarily. Life is more manageable when what was once difficult is easier and now familiar to deal with. So with that being said, STOP running away from reality. Embrace & flip it instead. 

  • Embrace the Hardship
  • When things go wrong, it’s true that it’s hard not to crumble. But in life you have to live with the mindset that if things don’t challenge you on the way up then it won’t change you. Learning from things that have gone wrong will help you achieve a happy life knowing you won’t make the same mistake twice. Every defeat, every heartbreak, and every loss, contains its own seed its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time and so on.

    If you’re in the middle of a tough season right now, our boss network is rooting you on in the process. No matter how bad it may seem now, have no worries, you will make it out! 



      Vanessa Cesar




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